The French Tarte strives to create delicious French style tarts, shortbread and viennoiserie using fresh ingredients, hands-on techniques and attention to detail.

The feel of the dough, the aromas wafting from the kitchen, the taste of a well made pastry - that's what it's all about. Join me in the discovery!

The French Tarte LLC, a cottage pastry business based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, offers private and small group pastry classes and from-scratch French style pastries.  

All of the French Tarte's goods are available to order by direct contact with Susan, either via the contact page on this site or email: or phone: 774-280-4803 (don't let the area code confuse you - I'm in Grand Rapids MI!).

Let me put something delicious together for you.

  Pear almond  tartelettes

Pear almond tartelettes