Once you become comfortable with the classic base recipes of pastry, you'll be on your way to creating all sorts of delectable treats.  For starters just think of the ways you can use your favorite tart dough baked with your favorite seasonal fruits in either an almond cream or custard filling. Mix and match as you wish!

I'll continue to add recipes over time, allowing you to expand your base and have more and more fun in the kitchen. Just check back periodically, and I'll send an update every now and then via my blog. Thanks and have fun!

In all recipes, unless otherwise noted, flour is all purpose, sugar is granulated cane, eggs are large, butter is unsalted and milk is whole milk.

Click on the links to go to specific recipes in downloadable PDF format and, in some cases, to blog posts about the topic.


  • Pâte brisée/flaky tart dough recipe and blog post

  • Pâte brisée/flaky tart dough, oat whole wheat version recipe and blog post

  • Pâte sucrée d'amandes/almond tart dough recipe

  • Pâte sucrée/sweet tart dough (for rustic galette) recipe and blog post

  • Pâte sucrée au chocolat/chocolate tart dough recipe

  • Sablé Breton/Breton shortbread/tart dough recipe and blog post / blog post

  • Pâte à choux/gougère recipe and blog post plus another post on a filled sweet version of choux

  • Pâte à croissant/croissant dough recipe, croissant comparison blog post and whole wheat croissant blog post

  • Pâte feuilletée classique/classic puff pastry recipe

  • Pâte feuilletée rapide/quick or “rough” puff pastry recipe