March's tarte of the month is tarte au citron. Available as a 9" tarte (serves 8 nicely) for $28 or as petite tartelettes by the dozen for $20/dozen . Contact Susan at 774.280.4803 or to place your order. Three day's notice please!

  Tarte Au Citron

Tarte Au Citron

Classic French tarts - tarte au citron, chocolate ganache, caramel nut, tarte aux pommes fines, fruits rouges, pear almond, flan Parisien and more! The possibilities are endless.

If you have favorite flavor combinations that please you, I can create a tart just for you.

Please contact me for pricing and ordering information.

   Tartelette au citron

Tartelette au citron

  Ganache  Tartlette

Ganache Tartlette

  Caramel nut  tartelette

Caramel nut tartelette

  Raspberry custard  tartlette

Raspberry custard tartlette