Twice baked croissant aux amandes (almond croissant)
Twice baked croissant aux pistaches et framboise (pistachio-raspberry croissant) 
Chausson aux pommes (apple turnover)
Pecan spice bun
2018 Thanksgiving tarte offerings: $30 for a nine inch tarte. $18 for a 5.5 inch sharing tarte (see below!) Check out my
blog post on making these delicious seasonal treats!
Orders accepted through Saturday, November 17 for pickup or delivery in the greater Grand Rapids area Wednesday, November 21. Call Susan 774.280.4803 or email

Apple cranberry/brown sugar crumble topping/caramel drizzle
Pumpkin custard/whipped honey mascarpone cream/sesame crunch
Pecan caramel chocolate truffle tart: toasted pecans/caramel nestled in a chocolate short crust/topped with chocolate ganache and chocolate crunchy-crumbs.

If you’re gathering this year with just a few friends or family and are on the try-different-tastes-smaller-portions bandwagon, below are my 5.5” sharing tartes - perfect for petite slices for 4-6 people.

 Left to right: Pumpkin custard, pecan caramel chocolate truffle, apple cranberry

Left to right: Pumpkin custard, pecan caramel chocolate truffle, apple cranberry

Classic offerings:
Classic tarte au citron (lemon-lime)
Chocolate ganache
Caramel nut (October-March)
Rustic free-form fruit galette
Baked seasonal fruit tart with choice of custard or almond cream filling
Fresh fruit tart

If you have favorite flavor combinations that please you, I can create a tart just for you. How about blackberry hazelnut, tiramisu or brownie chunk chocolate milk shake? Those are just some of the tarts I've created for customers over the years.  Use your imagination!

All Butter Shortbread Cookies
Vanilla bean
Sea salt caramel
Tart cherry
Pistachio lemon sesame
Cranberry almond
Espresso nib
Citrus ginger
Toasted pecan

Tea Cakes: garnishes include flavor variations of Swiss meringue buttercream, dark and white chocolate ganache, whipped mascarpone cream or nut crumble toppings.
Coffee Walnut
Cocoa Hazelnut
Pear Ginger (September-March)
Matcha Berry
Orange Pistachio

Lemon cream
Orange cranberry
English Cheddar

Contact me to help you create a lovely assortment for your afternoon tea, luncheon or special occasion. Profiteroles, tartelettes, petits fours cakes, puff pastry treats, shortbread - lots to choose from!