All Butter Shortbread Cookies: individual flavors packaged in tubes, 8-cookies for $6. Also available in gift bags of choose-your flavors: two 8-cookie tubes for $12 or four 8-cookie tubes for $24. NOTE: limited number of the 8-cookie size left! More available by mid January, 2019.

If you don’t need gift packaging, cookies are also available in simple boxes by the dozen at $7/dozen or $6.50/dozen for 4 dozen or more. Choose your flavors! Perfect for the dessert table or just to have on hand with your afternoon tea. Remember - they keep well in the fridge for weeks and freeze well too.

Vanilla bean
Sea salt caramel
Tart cherry
Pistachio lemon sesame
Chocolate chunk
Cranberry almond
Espresso nib
Toasted pecan


Tartes: available in 9” size which generally serves 8 for $30 (caramel nut $32); 5.5” sharing size, perfect for petite slices for 4-6 people for $18 (caramel nut $19); 3” individual size for $4 each (caramel nut $4.50); bite size petits fours tartelettes for $24/dozen (caramel nut $26/dozen). One dozen minimum order per flavor for tartelettes!

Classic tarte offerings:
Classic tarte au citron (lemon-lime): tangy lemon-lime in a pâte sucrée crust/whipped mascarpone garnish
Chocolate ganache: smooth, silky dark chocolate ganache filling in a cocoa pâte sucrée crust/chocolate crunchies garnish
Caramel nut (October-March): almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, pecans and pistachios in a caramel filling baked in a pâte sucrée d’amandes crust
Rustic free-form fruit galette: seasonal fruits baked in a pâte sucrée crust
Baked fruit tart: fruit(s) of the season baked in a choice of custard or almond cream (pistachio and hazelnut also available) filling (example pear-almond tart available September - March).
Fresh fruit tart: the quintessential French tarte - pâte sucrée with classic crème pâtissiére filling, topped with fresh fruit

If you have favorite flavor combinations that please you, I can create a tart just for you. How about blackberry hazelnut, tiramisu or brownie chunk chocolate milk shake? Those are just some of the tarts I've created for customers over the years.  Use your imagination!

Caramel nut  tarte -  oh boy!

Caramel nut tarte - oh boy!

Viennoiserie: made with my own hand-made croissant or puff pastry dough, all items require 3 days notice and a minimum of 6 of any individual pastry.
Twice baked croissant aux amandes (almond croissant) $4 each (minimum 6)
Chausson aux pommes (apple turnover) $3 each (minimum 6)
Pecan spice bun $3.50 each (minimum 6)
Kouign-amann $3.50 each (minimum 6)

Tea Cakes: Petite 2-3 bite size: $21/dozen/minimum 1 dozen any individual flavor; standard “muffin” size: $30/dozen, minimum 1 dozen any individual flavor. Garnishes include flavor variations of Swiss meringue buttercream (examples: mocha and honey orange), dark and white chocolate ganache, whipped mascarpone cream or nut crumble toppings. Contact me with any questions or specific flavor requests.
Cocoa Hazelnut
Pear Ginger (September-March)
Matcha Berry
Orange Pistachio

Scones: $2.75 each/minimum 6 of any individual flavor
Lemon cream
Orange cranberry
English Cheddar

Contact me to help you create a lovely assortment for your afternoon tea, luncheon or special occasion. Profiteroles, tartelettes, petits fours cakes, puff pastry treats, shortbread - lots to choose from!